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Did you know that the humble scotch egg was invented in 1738 at Piccadilly swanky grocers, Fortnum and Mason? That’s the claim, anyway, and nobody as far as I’m aware has successfully refuted it.

So yesterday I popped in, as you do, went down to the Lower Ground where they sell meats and treats. “How much are the scotch eggs?” I enquire, resisting the the temptation naffly to add “my good man”.


Well, it is Fortnum’s. I ordered a brace. So are they four times as good as ones you get in the supermarket? Or even your local butcher? I am happy to report that, most definitely, they are. Note how thick the sausage meat is and how it goes all the way to the egg. And the meat itself is lovely, a bit like cumberland sausage, I guess. So in this case, you do get what you pay for.

scotch egg.


You may disagree, but in my view the best relish to have with scotch egg is good old British brown sauce.


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