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Today we had a lovely London Historians outing to the Watts Gallery and Watts Cemetery Chapel in Compton, Surrey. I’m hoping other members of our group will write about it the main attractions of the day.

In the cemetery itself is the family grave of the Huxley family, as in Aldous. It’s the last resting place of the author himself, he having died in the USA in 1963 (22 November, same day as JFK).

Aldous Huxley grave, ComptonLook at the writing below Huxley’s name. You can barely make it out. But it says “And Maria his wife, 1898 – 1955. ” Someone has deliberately removed the metal inlay, someone presumably not a fan of Maria Nys, Huxley’s first wife. Does anyone know the reason? Or have a theory?

Aldous Huxley grave, Compton.

Before we leave the Huxleys, I must share with you an unintendedly hilarious letter written by Huxley to George Orwell in 1949, congratulating him on Nineteen Eighty-Four, but explaining too why Brave New World is superior. (HT: LH Member Will Watts.)

Update: Two of our Members have done lovely write-ups of our outing, completely different perspectives, and both with beautiful photos (mind you, hard to fail, given the subject matter!). Caroline Derry here. (follow this excellent blog). And novelist Wendy Wallace here. (buy her new novel The Sacred River!). And finally we get to the main reason for our trip: Tina tells us about the Frank Holl exhibition.


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