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First off, another delightful new discovery: The Dustshoveller’s Gazette, written by Caroline Shenton who is writing a book about the 1834 Westminster Fire, to be published next year. London Cemeteries has been that busy with daily posts, I shan’t list them individually, but rather exhort you to go take a look.
And now, on to some cracking reads:
Ayers Street, SE1 by Caroline’s Miscellany
The Shoreditch Bodysnatchers and the Murder of Carlo Ferarri by Georgian London
The Victorians and Science Fiction by Virtual Victorian
Railway Promotion and the 1846 Royal Commission by Turnip Rail
Victorian Animal Rights and the Societies the Promoted Them by The Victorianist
124 Years Today: The Queen’s Golden Jubilee by The Victorianist
The Garden Squares of Islington by the House Historian
The History of Hurlingham by the House Historian
Now Showing at the Talbot Inn, a Crocodile and a Rhino by Georgian Gentleman
To Brighton to Swim in the Sea by Georgian Gentleman
The Fearful Fire Began Above by Dainty Ballerina
In Search of Shakespeare’s London by Spitalfields Life
St Pancras Renaissance – A Visit by Lee Jackson

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