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Last night’s event. I think I shall just try and let the pictures do the talking, but they will be mumbling, not sure what’s gone wrong with my camera. Also, no pictures of Lucy or me, neither of us particularly camera-shy, I think, just a case of me running around a lot sorting stuff out.

I shall simply make the following observations.

  • Turnout was excellent, the place was packed out and we were jolly lucky in the end that we had about 20 no-shows. Whew.
  • The feedback – mainly via Twitter – has been extremely kind and very positive, I believe everybody had a great time. I know I did.
  • The talks by Lucy Inglis and Prof Jerry White were excellent: compelling, interesting, informative and full of insight.
  • Ruairidh Anderson’s songs and anecdotes from the old East End were an absolute delight.
  • Matt Brown did an excellent job as ringmaster and quizmaster, his questions were suitably testing.

Congratulations to our bookwinners (signed copies of London history tomes by Jerry White) and welcome to London Historians to Jack Leech who won the year’s membership prize draw. Quiz winners were Team Bridle, followed closely by 20thCentury Wellcome and Robin’s Reliants.

A big thank you to the above named speakers; to landlord of The Bell, Glyn, whose surname I don’t know, and his staff; and London Historian Fiona Pretorius for invaluable help with set-up and checking everyone in.

If you were there last night, thanks for your support. This embryonic event was an experiment and your taking the plunge is very much appreciated. Feedback – good, bad or ugly – is most welcome, we will be doing another History in the Pub soon and your comments will help make it even better. If I don’t follow you on Twitter yet, please let me know!

Further info on the event here described can be found on a previous post, here.

Ruairidh Anderson, Matt Brown

Ruairidh Anderson, Matt Brown

Professor Jerry White

Professor Jerry White, looking saintly thanks to background picture.
Matt Brown Londonist

The speed quiz. Matt poses challenging London history questions.

History in the Pub

Standing room only.

History in the Pub

London Historians stalwart and Westminster Guide, Pete Berthoud, Matt, Jerry.

History in the Pub

Aftermath: hardcore London Historians are usually still there at chucking out time.

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