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Today during some Twitter banter, London Historians member and  John Keats expert Suzie Grogan mentioned Keats’ statue at Guy’s Hospital. Strange place for a tragic poet, thought I. As it happened, I had wanted to visit Guy’s for some time to inspect an alcove from Old London Bridge which found its way there after the bridge was demolished and replaced in 1831. I had an hour to spare this afternoon so I nipped down there. Imagine my delight to discover that the statue in question is of Keats actually sitting in the alcove itself. Wonderful. Old London Bridge was still standing during Keats’ short life, so he may have stopped off in one of these alcoves, maybe this very one.

And the Guy’s thing? Keats was a medical student there. I didn’t know that.

old london bridge alcove, guy's hospital

john keats statue, guy's hospital

Update 1: For more on scattered remains of Old London Bridge, The Great Wen has a recent post here.

Update 2: The above-mentioned Suzie Grogan has written a post about Keats’ time at Guy’s here.

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