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I don’t really wish to besmirch our blog with these images, but I feel strongly about this. As we all know, this year marks the 150th anniversary of the world’s first ever underground railway system. The London Transport Museum has done a great job of celebrating this huge London achievement and we, London Historians, have contributed in our modest way, with more in the pipeline. If you haven’t yet been to LTM’s fabulous exhibition of Tube posters over the years, you really must. Truly inspiring. There’s also a large selection here.

So how do the posters of 2013 – the Tube’s big anniversary year – shape up against the best from days of yore? Well, just take a look at these examples.

tfl posters

Not too bad, admittedly, a strong idea which links St George’s Day with eating out.

tfl posters 2013

Bossy poster on the left cannot match Fougasse’s charming cartoon treatment of good Tube behaviour from the 1930s.

tfl poster 2013

Adobe Illustrator and Johnston Sans font file, and Bob’s your uncle. Awful.

tfl posters

“Art on the Underground.” The irony.

tfl art on the underground.

Possibly the worst of them.

Is this Transport for London’s best tribute to the commercial artists, painters, calligraphers of the past? Our city is the home to some of the most talented illustrators on the planet, acknowledged worldwide. Many of us know one or two of them. I know I do. So why, TfL, what’s going on here? Who’s responsible for this drek?

It’s the end of April. There’s time to put things right. Our – and all proud Londoners’ – challenge to you.

Update: Turns out these items are from the GLA, not TfL (hat-tip to Hazel Baker on Facebook) – hence, presumably Ken Livingstone’s Mayor of London propaganda tag, something Boris chose to retain. So, too many cooks is a factor.

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