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join london historians british legion specialIf you’d care to join London Historians between now and Friday midnight, we’ll donate £10 for each new Member to the Royal British Legion.

Last year when I watched the official opening of the Bomber Command memorial, a Lancaster from the Memorial Flight opened her bomb bay and dropped many thousands of poppies. I gathered some up and have been wondering what to do with them every since. Well, now I know, we’ll include one with your joining pack. That’s to say the first twelve, because that’s how many I have.

Applies to Individual Membership (£39) and Joint Membership (£49). Joint Membership counts as £20 to Royal British Legion, so we’re passing on the full £10 differential.

Join London Historians.

Update 12 November: We have five new Members on this now, welcome and thank you one and all, so £50 so far for Royal British Legion. Also, I had a bit of a tidy-up and in fact we have 15 Bomber Command poppies, not 12 as previously stated.

Bomber Command Memorial Flight

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